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Arohanui Strings Scholarships Announced!

Posted November 1st, 2023

Arohanui Strings Sistema and Orchestra Wellington are thrilled to announce and congratulate Ryo Sribunwongsa, Nina Sribunwongsa, and Nadine Martinez as the recipients of the 2023 Orchestra Wellington-Arohanui Strings scholarship!

The newly formed scholarship program aims to recognise and support exceptional young musicians who demonstrate dedication to their craft and exhibit potential for a successful career in music.

The selection committee has identified Nina, Ryo, and Nadine as individuals who possess remarkable talent and have displayed unwavering commitment to their musical pursuits. In line with our mission to nurture and empower emerging artists, we are eager to provide support as they embark on the next stage of their musical journeys.

The Orchestra Wellington-Arohanui Strings scholarship encompasses a wide range of opportunities, including participation in competitions, advancement through grades, preparation for auditions, immersive experiences at music camps, pursuit of personal creative endeavors, and exploration of university pathways.

To facilitate their growth, the scholarship offers a comprehensive array of benefits, including regular private lessons with esteemed senior tutors from Arohanui Strings, as well as affiliated tutors from Orchestra Wellington, NZSO, or other reputable instructors in Wellington. Additionally, recipients will have the opportunity to engage in intermittent lessons and masterclasses conducted by Orchestra Wellington players, allowing for invaluable mentorship and guidance.

The scholarship also presents numerous performance opportunities, allowing Nina, Ryo, and Nadine to showcase their talents and gain exposure to the wider music community. They will have the privilege of participating in sit-ins for Orchestra Wellington rehearsals and will receive tickets to Orchestra Wellington concerts, providing an immersive experience in a professional orchestral setting.

Also, Arohanui Strings is delighted to offer scholarship recipients the chance to work as tutors once they have completed high school, enabling them to share their passion for music and inspire the next generation of musicians.

As a long-term commitment, the scholarship will be reviewed annually to ensure that it aligns with the evolving goals and aspirations of the recipients. By offering ongoing support, we aim to create a nurturing environment that enables Nina, Ryo, and Nadine to thrive and reach their full potential.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to our three recipients on being selected as recipients of the 2023 Orchestra Wellington scholarship. This achievement is a testament to their talent, hard work, and dedication. Arohanui Strings Sistema and Orchestra Wellington are proud to support them as they embark on this transformative musical journey.

Stephanie McLean, Chair of Arohanui Strings:

“To have three of our young musicians picked for Orchestra Wellington scholarships is a well-earned testimony to the hard work of our tutors, the tamariki and, of course, their whānau. At Arohanui Strings, we practice ‘radical inclusion’, meaning that any child who wants to play classical music should have that opportunity, and so reap the social and educational benefits from learning to play in harmony with others. With Orchestra Wellington’s support, Arohanui Strings continues to ensure that a musical education is a child’s right, not a privilege. It’s not our aim to produce top musicians, but we are delighted that we often do, and Ryo, Nina and Nadine are the latest!"

Arohanui Strings is an El Sistema-inspired music education/social development programme founded in Lower Hutt in 2010, and operating in Wellington City since 2018. A registered charity, Arohanui Strings partners with schools in low to medium decile areas to provide free high quality music instruction to tamariki and rangatahi who may not otherwise have the chance to learn a classical instrument.