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What To Expect

First time coming to see the orchestra? Not sure what to expect? Fear not! Our handy guide will walk you through the whole thing...

The most important part

You deserve to be here. Our concerts are an open, welcoming space for everyone and it is our privilege that you have chosen to come and see our performance. Thank you.

What happens at the concerts?

At 6.30pm, one hour before the concert start time (at the Michael Fowler Centre), there is usually a pre-concert talk in the Renouf Foyer. These are held by our Music Director & Conductor Marc Taddei, frequently joined by one of the artists and/or composers from the evening's performance. This talk is included within your ticket price, and attendance is entirely optional. The talks are often very popular, and are a great opportunity to relax with some refreshments - wine, beer, ice cream, juice, chips, anything!

The performance

Each performance consists of a number of compositions, usually three or four. Sometimes more, sometimes less. A 'composition' is the classical music equivalent of a song. The only difference is, each composition is broken down into different parts, known as 'movements'. Typically, applause happens at the end of the entire composition, not at the end of each movement. So if you're unsure why people aren't clapping, it's because the composition isn't over yet!

What do I wear?

Absolutely anything you like. Most audience members tend to dress smartly, but this is entirely your choice. You could wear a tuxedo, a nice pair of jeans, even a clown costume! Maybe not a clown costume.

Mobile Phones

This is an obvious one, but please ensure all mobile phones are set to silent (or turned off) for the duration of the performance. This is especially important in classical music, where silence can be a very powerful part of a piece. Instagram can wait.

Let us know what you think!

We are your orchestra. We have some of the most brilliant musical minds in the country working to bring you an exciting and accessible programme - but we can only do this with your input. Whether it's something you loved or something you didn't, we would like to know. Email and we will absolutely welcome your feedback.

Marc Taddei